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Architectural Acoustic - Mass Media
Architectural Acoustic - Mass Media

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Soundproof and sound absorbing indoor panels EKOKIT

SSoundproofing and sound absorbing panels EKOKIT seriesModular acoustic panel with excellent noise insulation and sound absorption properties.

It can be used to make:
• soundproof and sound absorbing cabins and shieldings;
• soundproof wall panels for offices, warehouses and workshops;
• sound absorbing coatings for walls, ceilings, recording studios.

The panel is made in high-strength steel, sturdy yet lightweight, this favours handling and laying operations.
The technical particulars, the side bridle dap joint, the range of sections and available accessories ensure a quick and effective installation.

METALQUADRO® Double-sided sound absorbing indoor metal panel

Double-sided absorbing metal panel METALQUADROMETALQUADRO is a double-sided absorbing panel (perforated on both visible sides) wich includes one synthetic fibre mat (100% polyester).

METALQUADRO is formed by modular metallic panels, held together by a patented tongue-and-groove system.

The product is supplied in any size (multiples of 300 mm.).

The panel can be installed on existing walls and ceilings of public places or shops like cafes, restaurants and clubs or at recording studios, auditoriums, etc. and wherever reverberation time has to be drastically reduced. It can be applied on walls or to the false-ceiling, by using special anti-vibration joints.

POLIQUADRO® Double-sided sound absorbing indoor panel in polyester fabric and wooden frame

POLIQUADRO Double-sided sound absorbing panel in polyester fabric and wooden framePoliquadro® is a double-sided sound absorbing panel made in polyester.

It can be installed on walls and ceilings of recording and broadcasting studios, etc.

When properly placed, with a coverage index of about 30% of the room, they offer a significant sound quality and room response improvement (T60, STI, RASTI).

Resonator / Diffuser BASSTRAP®

Resonator / Diffuser BASSTRAPResonator / damper are used to minimize or eliminate multiple reflections and standing waves that occur inside rooms.

The bass trap panel changes these reflections, scattering the sound in all directions and acting at the same time on 3 dimensions (time, direction and intensity).

This acoustic treatment is designed to improve the sound quality within a room, providing a comfortable acoustic atmosphere.

The bass traps, so far described, work over a wide frequency range, providing:
• additional sound absorption for medium frequencies on TR-QA models;
• additional sound absorption for high frequencies on TR-A models;
• low frequency resonator on TR-R9/ TR-Q models.

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EKOKIT® – Pannelli fonoassorbenti 300/A (eng)
EKOKIT® – Pannelli fonoassorbenti 300/D (eng)
EKOKIT® – Pannelli fonoassorbenti 300/E (eng)
EKOKIT® – Pannelli fonoassorbenti 300/S (eng)
METALQUADRO® Pannello biassorbente metallico (eng)
Bass Trap – Diffusori risonatori (eng)

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