Barriere acustiche in vetro

For infrastructures


Soundproofing panel in clear glass with CE Markings

TRANSPARENT PANEL FOR NOISE BARRIERSSoundproof glass panel (8+0,75 and 8+1,52+8 tempered glass), designed to realize soundproof screens for noise sources set in an outdoor environment.

The panels are designed to be installed horizontally. They are laid up one over the other and secured to the HEA type vertical flange beams, which form the load-bearing structure.

The panel meets the technical standards currently in force in the main managing authorities.

EKOGLASS® Noise barriers in crystal clear glass

EKOGLASS NOISE BARRIERSEKOGLASS is a crystal clear glass soundproof noise barrier. Thanks to the high design quality, it can be easily integrated in any outdoor environment, because it guarantees a very low, almost “invisible”, aesthetic and visual impact.

Particularly suitable to protect residential areas with high architectural standards, EKOGLASS combines high sound insulation features with an elegant aspect, thanks to the transparency of its components.

Road traffic noise reducing EKOGLASS barrier, is a CE marked product, in accordance with UNI EN 14388 2005 regulation.

Laboratory analysis certify that the sound insulation properties are in B3 Class (according to EN 1793-1 1999 regulation), while the sound absorption characteristics are in A1 Class (according to UNI EN 1793-2 1999).

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